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Dreamy Pergola Lighting Ideas

Pergolas are incredibly versatile in that they can be styled in multiple ways to create the most elegant outdoor seating spaces. Want to set a rustic mood? Drape your pergola with verdant garlands. Want to create a romantic ambiance? Hang voile curtains paired with string lights, and you have an intimately romantic space all set.

Styling Pergolas

Simply put, there is a lot that you can do to do up the pergola in your backyard, provided that you are up for the time and energy needed to glam up your outdoor establishment. Once you decide you want to jazz up your pergola, you can use a bunch of techniques to enhance the look. But a large majority of the oh-so-many looks that can be created with a pergola require a bit of thinking and planning. That is, if you want to set up a cozy corner for your in-home date nights, you need to think about the decor, furniture, curtains, etc., and then hire professionals to fix the setup for you. Likewise, if you want to create a relaxing retreat with a swing and curtains, you will have to make a plan first. In simple terms, generally, glamming up a pergola can require some planning. That said, if you want an instant glow-up for your pergola, there is one thing that you can do to make it happen; hang mood lights!

Lights and Pergolas

Lights are excellent at enhancing the look and feel of a place. Your living room appears dull and uninviting? Swap the old fixtures with brighter beams to blow a new life into your living area instantly. Want to spruce up your bedroom or bathroom without burning a hole in your pocket? Install new lights in stylish fixtures to change the aesthetic in the blink of an eye. Similarly, if you want to do up your pergola without extensive planning or spending, then you should add lights to the structure and notice a world of difference. And to help you do that, here are the top five pergola lighting ideas to jog up your creative imagination.

Mounted Post lights

Post lights are just as they sound- they are similar to fixtures typically hanged on either side of a front door. But in the case of a pergola, post lights are mounted on all four beams of the structure. Mounted post lights offer a soft glow to the space, creating a pleasant ambiance.

Built-in up-lights

Lights that the embedded at the bottom of a pergola or the floor next to it are referred to as built-in lights that illuminate the construction from the bottom towards the top. Embedded fixtures are excellent if someone wants to create an in-home romantic setup as they produce a subtle glow that lights up the entire structure delicately-ideal for date nights!

Hanging lights

As the name implies, hanging lights are suspended from the ceiling, throwing light in all directions. They are best for people who host a lot of family gatherings and friend get-togethers in their yard. If you are the ever-ready host of most parties in your circle, you can benefit from hanging lights in your pergola. Pendant lighting, whisker lights, bowl fixtures, or bulb pendant lights all fall under the category of hanging lights; you can choose whichever style works best for you.

But bear in mind that dangling lights shine the brightest, so they might not be an ideal choice for a soft ambiance.


Aside from the mentioned styles, you can use stringing lights or hang over the top Moroccan lamps to enhance your outdoor space!