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3 Considerations When Selecting Outdoor Curtains

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After installing a pergola in your backyard, you cannot leave the structure as it is. A simple, wooden structure in your yard will not be aesthetically pleasing. This is why you lookout for ways to decorate the pergola and make it even more appealing. People decorate the pergola using flowers or put exquisite furniture inside it to enhance its look.

One of the most common – and affordable – options that people have when it comes to decorating the pergola is curtains. The beautifully designed curtains on the pergola, undoubtedly, increase the look of the structure to a great extent.

But, installing curtains is not an easy process. You have to take into account different things before you finally purchase the curtains for your structure. In this article, we’ll have a look at the three common considerations that you must look at before getting the curtains.

Important Considerations When Selecting Curtains

Unlike indoor curtains, outdoor curtains have direct exposure to the sun and other factors including heavy showers and strong winds. This is why you cannot just buy outdoor curtains without proper research. Let’s have a look at what these considerations are that will help you get curtains for your house.

1. Create Privacy

When you have installed a pergola in your pergola, chances are that you are considering to convert it into a seating arrangement. However, sitting outside your house in a pergola means that your privacy can get invaded easily. Obviously, you are not having a secret meeting in your pergola, but when at home, you shouldn’t have your guards up. You should be allowed to have fun. By installing curtains in your pergola, you make your pergola even more private. So, if privacy is a measure concern for you, don’t end up buying either too thin or transparent curtains for your structure.

2. Enhance the Mood

Many people installed a secluded seating arrangement in their backyard because they want to have a nice place where they can have a romantic dinner date with their spouses. If you want your pergolas to resemble the looks of a French outdoor cafe, we recommend you get sheer-material curtains. Floating diaphanous curtains on your pergola will give a new look to your pergola. You will love to have candlelight dinners in this setting. So, if you are too tired to go out to eat, turn your own pergola into a restaurant booth and enjoy the steak in the comforts of your house.

3. Block the Sun

Sitting outside the house for fresh air is a healthy activity. But what should we do about the blazing sun that doesn’t allow us to enjoy the outside environment? If you have a pergola in your house, you can easily use it to spend lazy afternoons in your yard. To block the heat, install curtains on the structure. For this purpose, choose heavy and dark fabric that can fend off the sun easily.


The latest trend of pergolas has been quite beneficial for homeowners. With decorating options including adding curtains to the structure or putting potted plants around it, the pergola has become an instant hit among people.