Alumawood Colors

Installing pergolas in your property allows you to choose from different colors available. You can choose a color that is perfect for the weather in your area or that compliments the color of your home. We can help you find the perfect color for your pergola.

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Alumawood End Styles

Your home is unique and you can keep it that way by choosing a unique end style for your pergola. Choose a style that fits best the structure of your home. We can help you pick the right one. Call our professional builders and we will come to you anytime.

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Alumawood Column Styles

This is a perfect style for those who want not only beauty but as well as ease in maintenance. We can install this style to fit the beautiful landscape that you have. Installation and maintenance are easy for our professional builders. Just give us a call for more info.

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Common Built Styles

Square Pergolas

Pergolas come in different sizes and shapes to choose from. Homes that do not have very big outdoor spaces can choose square pergolas for installation since it does not occupy too much space. Aside from that, its structure looks very appealing to the eyes. We can personalize the design you want for your square pergolas, making it as unique as possible to fit your preferences. Square pergolas are also affordable. You get to enjoy its beauty and functionality without spending so much money. If you want us to tell you more about this in details, feel free to fill out the form or give us a call.

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Diagonal Pergolas

Diagonal pergolas are beautiful. The design and shape just make your home more elegant to look at. That is why we get a lot of customers asking us for diagonal pergolas installation every now and then. We can come to your home and check your outdoor space where you want us to build the rounded pergola you have been wanting for. For us, installing diagonal pergolas is easy because of our experiences and trainings in the past. Take a look at the beautiful diagonal pergolas we’ve made before and let us know what you think about them by calling our number or sending us a message here.

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Rectangle Pergola

Simple yet elegant – this is what most homeowners in North Las Vegas would describe rectangle pergolas. It is very suitable for large outdoor spaces and can be used for a wide variety of outdoor activities like parties, get-togethers, and hang-outs with friends and family. If you want to install rectangle pergola in your property, call us up! We are professionals when it comes to installing different types of pergolas in North Las Vegas. With over 5 years of quality service, we ensure to deliver results that according to plan. For more info, just call us through our number or send us a message here.

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Rounded Pergolas

Rounded pergolas are perfect for the sunny weather in Paradise, Nevada. We are professional builders and contractors for all types of pergolas and we can build for you just about any shape and design you want. We can build pergolas according to your preferences, and we can even add some features into it to make it more relaxing for you to stay and more functional for different types of occasions. Let us know what specifications you have in mind and we will do all the work for you. Feel free to message us here or call us directly through our number.

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