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Can I Add A Swing To My Pergola?

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As people grow up, their taste changes, and they begin to enjoy things that they weren’t fond of as a child. There’s nothing wrong with that; it’s a part of our evolution as humans. We grow and learn to like or dislike new things along the way. While the change in preferences from childhood to adulthood is a fact of life, there are a few instinctual activities or likings that stay constant regardless of age. Though not many, certain pleasures bring people the same joy in old age as they did in childhood.

Timeless Pleasures

For instance, devouring an indulgent scoop of ice cream is an activity that is cherished across the board. Unless someone develops a health condition and is told off by their doctor to stay away from the creamy goodness in cones and cups, almost every aged individual loves to take a lick of ice cream. Likewise, swings bring out the child in everyone! Who doesn’t like to sway back and forth on a swing to savor the outdoors? But sadly, parks and other recreational facilities generally only offer swings for young kids while the older lot sits by the bench close by.

Swing at Home

Well, not anymore! If you can’t enjoy a swing outside, you can bring it into your house. Swings are amazingly easy to put using pergolas and add so much to the aesthetics of the surrounding space.

When homeowners think about styling the outdoor space in their homes, they hardly ever think about a swing because it seems a bit too childish for an otherwise elegant house. But who says you can’t hang a chic swing to match the sophisticated decor of your abode? Thanks to the versatility of pergolas, you can hang exquisite porch swings that look as though they came straight out of a fairy tale.


Styling A Pergola Swing

There is absolutely no end to the ways one can decorate their pergola swing. From sheer drapes and green garlands to lights and comfy throws, you can choose to jazz up your garden swing any way you want. As exciting as the idea sounds, we know you are concerned about the weight of the swing and whether or not the pergola rafts will be able to hold the add-ons. Yes! The good news is that a pergola can easily support a swing if attached to the beams with durable and sturdy ropes. That said, of course, there is a limit on the weight you should put on the swing that depends on the material and construction of the pergola, the swing itself, and the people who’ll be using it.

Word of Caution

Pergola swings aren’t to be ridden as seesaws; they must be handled with care. They offer a romantic or soothing experience rather than an in-home adventure. So while you can install a swing on your pergola, you should be careful with how it’s used. If you let kids jump on it or propel it roughly, it will understandably give out sooner than you imagine.


Add a swing to your backyard, but remember you are not installing a thrilling ride at an amusement park. So be gentle and enjoy the feeling of a cool breeze on your face while you move back and forth on your porch swing.