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Interesting Ways for Decorating a Pergola

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The interest in installing pergolas for outside settings in the house has seen an increase. People prefer having a pergola installed for their patios or by the poolside. This is because there are multiple benefits of having it in your home. From having an increased value to beautiful aesthetics, and surely the protection from UV rays of the sun while still being able to enjoy the wind are some of the major benefits because of which you should have a pergola installed.

However, this blog is more about what you need to do once the setup is prepared. Whether you are in the process of finalizing it or are done with the initial steps, what you still need to think is about decorating a pergola. There are several ways through which you can do this, and it also depends on your personal preferences as to what you can resonate with.

This is why we have prepared a list of our top 3 picks for decoration purposes. These ideas are very diverse and will give you a clearer idea of how you want your setup to be. So, just go through the list and decide for yourself which of these elements and more can become a part of your outdoor area to make it look aesthetically pleasing!

1.    Adding Curtains

While curtains are used inside the house for a purpose, using curtains for pergola can be a great way to decorate them. The reason why this is on top of our list is that we think that they not only increase the beauty of the place but are also quite useful.

All you have to do is get some light weighted curtains of a color that goes well with the surrounding. You can then either leave them open and let the wind play with them or have them tied at corners to give a classy look!

2.    Plants All Over the Place

Sounds a bit too much? Well, if the pergola is installed in the backyard, this wouldn’t be a problem. In such a case, all you have to do is get some hanging plants to put over the pergola so that it can blend in.

However, if it is near the pool or you have it for the patio area, you can not only get some hanging plants but also pot plants to place at each corner. Now, it is up to you how you take care of them and which colors you would want to include, so be as creative as you like!

3.    Swing Set

Our last pick is for those who love to spend time on their own or with their significant other. Although, a swing set is something which works well for all generations and all your guests will also enjoy the beautiful addition.

However, if you think a swing set would be too much, you can always have a hammock on one of the sides so that you can enjoy reading your book in peace or even just take a good nap.


We hope that these ideas would have given you a better perspective on decorating a pergola and you are now ready for this exciting task! For further queries or services, feel free to contact us!