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The Main Differences Between Pavilions and Pergolas

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You’ve definitely seen both pavilions and pergolas while searching for the ideal addition to your patio, open yard, or deck. Pavilions and Pergolas both provide an upmarket air to a variety of outdoor areas, and they seem similar enough on the surface that some homeowners have difficulty telling them apart.

Pavilions and pergolas share many characteristics, including open sides, beautiful appearances, and comparable outdoor locations. However, most homeowners may not really be able to tell the difference between the two structures.  The main distinctions are due to a few important structural features as well as other practical considerations. We’ll break down the main differences between pavilions and pergolas for you right now:

1. Roof Design

This is perhaps the most significant distinction between pavilions and pergolas in terms of design. A pergola will have an open lattice roof, while a pavilion will have a full roof, which is often finished with shingles. The pergola roof gives it the amazing appearance that makes it such a popular backyard addition, but it has to be covered to offer shade. On the other hand, the hefty pavilion roof offers greater sun protection and shields you from adverse weather conditions. Most people believe that pergolas are more appealing, but they’ll need a pavilion if they want to utilize their patio or deck while it’s raining.

2. Bulky Designs

The heaviness of an outdoor pavilion’s roof has an effect on the overall appearance of the structure. When comparing pavilions and pergolas, the pergola is usually beautifully thin, while the pavilion construction must be larger to hold the roof. Everything from the breadth of its posts to the excess weight of the pavilion’s support beams can be a lot. The traditional pergola roof -a centuries-old piece of construction- isn’t just for show but also has the functional benefit of keeping the design clean.

3. Price

While cost should not be the deciding factor, there is a significant difference between pavilions and pergolas to consider. Pergolas are nearly always less expensive than pavilions. This is due in part to the fact that pavilions need way more raw materials to construct, and the heavier roofs necessitate more sophisticated structural designs. You will need to pay for the extra labor required for pavilions as well as account for additional time to construct it. Pergolas will always be half the price -or even more!

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