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Six Innovative Pergola Designs

So you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and looking at other people’s backyards with envy of their beautiful pergolas and how they furnished them so creatively. It’s alright we understand your pain and have come up with five equally exciting and innovative pergola design ideas that you can draw inspiration from while designing a pergola for your home.

Hot Tub Pergola

Whether you already own a hot tub or are planning to get one, a great way to elevate the outdoor hot tub experience is to add a pergola over it. Not only do you get to enjoy some privacy, but it also looks great. Get ready to impress all your friends the next time you have a hot tub party at your house with your new pergola design.

Pergola Connected to a House Wall

If you don’t have much space but still want a spectacular pergola in the house, you can utilize one of the walls of your house in your pergola design. Choosing experienced pergola builders is essential for unconventional designs like these, but it’s worth it to enjoy having a pergola in a small space.

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola

Love having potlucks, barbeques, and dinner parties? It can get cramped up inside the house, and you can’t invite as much company. If you serve your company outside, you’re constantly going to and from the kitchen to your backyard. Solve this by creating an amazing outdoor kitchen with a stovetop, sink and counter under a pergola. Enjoy the fresh air and interact with your guests while whipping up something delicious to eat.

Outdoor Living Room Pergola

Bring out a sofa and a TV and hang with your friends, enjoying the fresh inside but outside experience a pergola offers. If you opt for a pergola design with a roof, you can protect your furniture from the elements. It can be an even more warm and welcoming place by adding soft white draperies along the sides of the pergola. They would look great and provide some privacy.

Pergola With Solar Panels

Have you ever considered solar panels for your home? A creative way to add solar panels to your home or add more solar panels when you run out of room on your roof is to think of your pergola as an extension of your roof. Using your pergola, you can use this out-of-the-box way to impress neighbors and family with your creative solution.

Hanging Garden Pergola

Don’t let the space above your head go to waste. Use it to hang different plants and make a beautiful hanging garden. You can hang pots using macrame pot hangers or even wicker baskets instead of pots.


Instead of irritating negative space, you can appreciate your plants and make a photogenic seating area. If you decide to populate your hanging garden with flowers or more useful kitchen herbs, that is totally up to you.


With so many different pergola design ideas at your disposal, get ready to create a post-worthy outdoor pergola space.