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Pergolas in Vegas| Some Common Misconceptions

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When you search for patio covers for your outdoor area or pergola, you have to tell yourself not to believe the misconceptions associated with it.  There are a lot of myths surrounding these two options for your home, and they are mostly false.

To save you from getting into the vicious circle of myths and misconceptions, we have compiled some common myths about pergolas so that you make an informed decision whenever you need to make one.

1) Misconceptions About Pergolas in Vegas | You Don’t Necessarily Need Them

You must know that this statement is far from being true.  Pergolas are essential, especially on sunny and rainy days. Why? Because the slats on a pergola can expand to allow the sunlight in and can close to provide shade or block the rain.

Pergolas, especially Arcadia Pergola, can channel rainfall because of its built-in gutter system. It can then distribute the rain water safely.  Pergolas sell in different colors and finishes, and complement the architectural style and color of your home.

You also get some add-on features for your Arcadia Pergola, for instance progressive screens, remote control switch, rain detectors, infrared heaters, fans and lights, and more.

2) Misconceptions About Pergolas in Vegas | They Are High-Maintenance

Your pergola won’t need much maintenance if it is built using good quality material.

In fact, if you are a fan of Arcadia Pergolas, you can seek relief in knowing that it is made from extruded aluminum beams. This material is strong enough to span up to 20 feet between supports.

3)  Misconceptions About Pergolas in Vegas | They Can’t Bear Extreme Weather Conditions

The Pergolas can stand the weather as they have a wind sensor installed. This wind sensor opens and closes the slats in accordance with the windspeed, and that ultimately protects the patio from extreme weather conditions.  Arcadia Pergola can stand against heavy rainfall as they are manufactured to be watertight.  The built-in gutter system also channels and distributes the rain water safely.

4) Misconceptions About Pergolas in Vegas | They Give Low ROI

 This is a false statement as pergolas give high ROI. This is because they are made using high-quality material. You receive enjoyment from it as it does its job right.  It will also increase your house’s value.

5)  Misconceptions About Pergolas in Vegas | They Cannot Be Heated

Your pergola and patio setup can be heated easily with an infrared heating system.  During the cooler months, this makes your patio accessible and keeps you warm and cozy.

6) Misconceptions About Pergolas in Vegas | They Take Time to Set-Up

It’s a myth that pergolas take time to set up. That’s not true at all. In fact, your pergola can be ready within a week. It generally takes 2 to 7 days at most.

7) Misconceptions About Pergolas in Vegas |They Don’t Last Long

This is false news. Pergolas are built to last. In fact, if you hire a good pergola company in Vegas, your pergola will also be backed by a guarantee. There are also lifetime warranties available on pergolas.