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Myths About Pergolas

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Rarely do we witness such moments when our decisions are not met with severe criticism. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, people always find a way to discourage us and make fun of our decisions.

When it comes to anything related to home improvement, there are more myths than facts. Almost everyone will give you preposterous reasons for not installing one thing or the other. To keep this tradition alive, many people believe that installing a pergola is not worth it. Why? You ask. Well, according to them, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t go with a pergola.

In this article, we will share those myths and help you debunk them. So, that when the time comes for the installation of a pergola, you can do so guilt-free and without worrying that you have made a bad decision. Let’s have a look at these myths.

1. Pergolas Require High Maintenance

Before we explain why this statement has no sense, we need to ask you one question. Have you never paid attention to the maintenance of your house structure? Doesn’t your garden require normal maintenance work? Yes, pergolas require maintenance too. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend every weekend. Also, the level of maintenance required by a pergola is directly proportional to the material of the pergola. If you are someone who cannot spend hours on the maintenance work of the pergola, it is better to go with the material which is easy to maintain.

2. They Are Unworthy

Pergolas are a great addition to your household and they provide you with a marvelous outdoor setting. They have so many benefits: from being an evening spot to a home-based outdoor cinema, pergolas can be used in various ways.

3. Installation Takes Time

The installation of the pergola definitely depends on its size and the area that you are intending to cover. If you are planning to install a large pergola, you will definitely require more days to get done with the installation. However, generally, the pergola takes around a week to get installed. This is a fairly reasonable period.

4. Pergolas Have Short Lifespan

The lifespan of any equipment depends on various factors including the material used for its built and its handling and installation process. Any error during any of the three processes can affect the lifespan of the pergola. But, this doesn’t mean that a pergola will come crashing down within a week of the installation. Pergolas are designed in such a way to ensure that they last for a considerable period of time.

5. No Protection Against Weather

This is a common misconception among people that a pergola cannot withstand harsh weather. In reality, a pergola can withstand extreme weather conditions.


A pergola is a good addition to your backyard or a rooftop. It is visually appealing and enhances the exterior of your house. When placed on a commercial property, it increases the appeal of a business as well. If you are planning to install a pergola, don’t fall for any myths. In fact, consult a professional to clear all your doubts.