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5 Innovative Pergola Ideas

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A pergola can be an aesthetically pleasing yet functional addition to your outdoor space. It could be built away from your home or as an extension.

Apart from being trendy and aesthetically pleasing, the versatility of their usage makes them an excellent investment. You can design your pergola as a part of your pool house or use it standalone to host dinners, outdoor movie nights, and even group yoga sessions.

Having a well-designed pergola enhances the appearance of your property and increases its resale value. It can be designed to provide necessary screening from the harsh summer sun and help create a cozy environment for a winter fireplace.

It all comes down to how innovative your ideas are when designing your pergola. For five amazing innovative pergola ideas, keep reading below.

1. Outdoor Dining Area

We all love big Christmas brunches or family dinners. However, not all of us have the space to host a nice event indoors without it getting too suffocating.

A pergola can be designed innovatively to function as the ultimate outdoor dining area. Make sure you design a wide and open pergola, and place a dining table and some chairs in the middle. To make the ambiance of your al fresco dinners cozier and more welcoming, hang flowers pots, and decorate your pergola with fairy lights.

2. Pergola Pool House

Your pergola built next to the pool would make it the ultimate pool house. There might be days where the sun will be too hot to stay in the pool the whole day, or you may not want to be in the pool at all. For such days, having a poolside pergola can be the perfect solution. You can lounge under the shade for some respite without having to leave other people who might be enjoying some time in the pool.

Make sure your pergola is designed to have solid roof on one side and lattice on the other. If the sun is too bright, you can drag your pool chair under the solid roof for shade. For when you want a tan, lay under the pergola’s latticed area.

3. Outdoor Firepit

Winter nights in Vegas can be too cold for outdoor activities. However, if you have a pergola, your winters would never be the same.

Have your pergola professionally designed to have a built-in fire pit surrounded by couches and rugs. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors on a chilly night, roasting marshmallows and sipping on hot cocoa with your friends and family.

4. Personal Yoga Retreat

Who does not love a great summer yoga retreat to get re-energized and refocused in life?

There is no need to escape to the mountains or a tropical island; rather, your refreshing yoga retreat could be in your backyard.

Style your pergola to be wide, airy, and open. Then place yoga mats, candles, plants and hang wind chimes for the ultimate summer yoga retreat in your own home.

5. Shaded Garden

Some of us are born with a green thumb, and all that we need is the right place to grow our own bit of paradise.

Having a pergola with a lattice ceiling for controlled sunlight could be the best place for your personal gardening adventure. Line the floor of your pergola with plant pots and grow grapevines on the pillars and ceilings.

Be Innovative with Your Pergola!

Just get in touch with an innovative pergola designing company and sit back as they transform your living space and lives forever.