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Why You Need to Add Curtains to Your Pergola?

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Pergolas are the go-to backyard embellishments that homeowners use to enhance the look of their outdoor space. Putting up a pergola allows people to either create a cozy space for themselves or just set up a platform to hang flowers; either way, the backyard gets an instant glow up. Although a well-designed pergola is enough to accent a yard, its appearance can be enhanced by adding some accessories, which will, in turn, accentuate the look and mood of the entire outdoor space.

A pergola is a versatile installation that can be adorned in many ways. From adding lights to hanging curtains, there’s a lot that one can do with a pergola to add character to it and the entire backyard. And while all decoration add-ons put up on a pergola are effective enough to add personality to it, curtains are especially useful when it comes to enhancing the look of a pergola.

If you are not sure how curtains can add to the appeal of your pergola, here ar three reasons that will give you clarity on the matter:

They Create a Romantic Setting

Adding curtains over a pergola is an excellent way of creating a romantic environment at home. Going out to spend some quality time with your partner can be a bit of a hassle now, thanks to the never-ending commitment and responsibilities one has to fulfill. By hanging curtains over your pergola, you can have date nights at home late at night without having to make bookings or hiring a sitter. Just order in some food, pour some wine and have a cozy date under the stars with sheer curtains swaying in the background. Now, won’t that be romantic?

They Provide Privacy

Do you like to spend time outdoors but get uneasy by the idea that the neighbors might have eyes on you? Adding curtains will save you from all that restlessness and neck-craning to see if someone is watching.

When it comes to pergola curtains, there is an endless variety of designs and fabric options. You can put up voile curtains to obscure your neighbor’s view or completely block it by hanging dark cotton curtains. Regardless of the style you choose, curtains will keep you safe from peering eyes that have been ruining your outdoor time up until now.

They Protect From Scorching Sunlight

Summers in Las Vegas can be relentless. The sunlight gets fiercely hot during summertime in the gambling capital of the world. But that shouldn’t stop you from breathing in the fresh air in your backyard. By adding curtains to your pergola, you can spend time outdoors without fearing for your skin tissues. Hang some heavy drapes over your pergola and enjoy the summer goodness outdoors with a glass of refreshing minty mojito despite the sunlight.


If you didn’t have drapes over your pergola until now, we bet you must already be deciding on the color for your backyard curtains because of our convincing case. Create an in-home warm and cozy retreat by putting up curtains over your pergola today!