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Tips to Decorate Your Pergola

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A pergola is an excellent addition to any home or exterior space. They can significantly beautify your outdoor space and add more personality to it. Pergolas are usually structured out of wood and add shade to an area. They can be added above walkways or a garden or sitting room.

Vining plants can also be fitted around a pergola; these plants grow over the pergola. This creates a canopy and is suitable for sunny regions. This also adds increased aesthetic appeal to your outdoors.

In this article, let’s discuss several tips for decorating a pergola. These easy tricks appeal more to your home, giving it a stylish touch.

The Right Lighting

Decorate your pergola by installing different types of lighting under it. This creates a great ambiance, especially if you are entertaining guests. Additional lighting also makes your outdoors more functional. Suitable lighting options include string lights and different kinds of lanterns and lamps.

As pergolas protect against the elements, they extend usable space. You can also make your pergola cozy by placing blankets and cushions under it. Lounge under it with a good book and enjoy the fresh air.

If you entertain often, you can also place comfy seating, tabletops, and a fire pit to create a comfortable and inviting ambiance. Before installing the lighting, measure your pergola’s dimensions to determine how much lighting is needed.

Add Greenery

Adding greenery around the pergola is a great idea. You can do this by adding hooks and hanging plants on them. You can also add climbing vines around your pergola. These vines continue growing on the arbor and add a natural touch to your space. They also help increase shade when it gets sunny. When installing vines, choose a variety that is not invasive or damaging to your structure.

Climbing plants and vines is especially significant if your pergola is over a walkway. This is because they are shade-providing.

Comfortable Seating

Patio furniture is an excellent addition under a pergola. You can place a table and comfortable seating to make the space more functional. A fire pit is also a great addition, as it creates a comforting and inviting vibe.

Match the furniture you place to your exterior’s setting. You can use rustic table if your home has a more farmhouse-like, traditional vibe. If your home is created in a modern design, minimalistic furniture will fit.

You can also place a swing under your pergola to make out outdoors more fun and enticing. However, ensure the pergola is sturdy enough to support the weight of the swing.

Another great idea is to hang a hammock under the pergola. Nothing is more inviting than reclining on a hammock in summer with a refreshing drink.

Concluding Thoughts

Installing a pergola can visually uplift your home’s exterior. It improves the beauty of your home, provides shade, and is an excellent investment in the long run.