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How Different Colors Affect Your Pergola

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A pergola is an artistic way to add structure and shade to your outdoor space. You can customize a pergola according to your taste, preference, and home’s aesthetics. The several colors you can choose from create pretty visual statements and add functionality to your home.

The color you choose also depends on the material your pergola is constructed out of. The design and color of your pergola need to be in harmony, and this should accentuate the harmony of your home.

When choosing the right color for your pergola, consider the color of the outdoor walls of your home. What is the color surrounding the pool (if you have a swimming pool)? What color scheme is used on the roof? What color tones are obvious in the flowers and shrubbery in the garden?

Consider all these factors before making the right decision. You can go for a classic wooden look, a modern glossy look, or a customized look of various colorful tones.

In detail below, let’s look at how different colors affect your pergola design.

1. The Classic Wooden Look

Traditional wooden pergolas can create a timeless, appealing look. Natural wood was a preferred material as pergolas were built outdoors in a natural setting. The classic wooden pergola design is perfect if you have an outdoor deck with plenty of vegetation surrounding the area.

2. Create a Stark Contrast

Why go for a simple white pergola if you have an outdoor environment with plenty of stonework and greenery? This creates a stark contrast to the existing colors in your yard. It also creates a simple and sophisticated appeal.

3. Brighten Up Your Space

Are your premises one single dark color? Perhaps with black railings or gray walls? You can uplift these drab colors with a brightly colored pergola. Add a pop of color to your outdoor area, making it more vibrant. Perhaps a bright yellow pergola to make things brighter?

4. A Color-Coordinated Look

If your outdoor surroundings are a specific colour, why not add a matching pergola and color coordinate the space? For example, you have white tiles, brown brick walls, and a large swimming pool. Why not add a matching pergola? Your pergola can have white, blue, and pale brown tones, which will help it match and even complement the surroundings.

5. Create a Focus

Let’s say you have an outdoor space that has muted colors. You have light wood picnic tables, white walls, or a light brown or gray patio. Add a brightly colored pergola that can be the focus of your space. Perhaps a red or bright blue pergola can do the trick.

Summing It Up

The pergola color and design you choose can influence your outdoor space entirely. All pergolas convey a sense of personality and add their own flare to certain environments and settings. When choosing the right pergola for your home, sort through different varieties of designs and choose one that matches your personality and your home’s aesthetic.