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Why Your Outdoor Restaurant Needs a Pergola

Dining outside is always a novel experience.

In the fresh air, under the clear skies— whether they are overcast and cloudy, bright and clear or dotted with stars— any type of food tastes divine.

If you are a restaurant owner considering whether adding the option of outdoor dining space is the right thing to do, the answer is always yes.  

And if your restaurant overlooks the ocean, a city square, historical monuments or any type of gorgeous scenery, you have the perfect reason to have a dining space outside. What are you waiting for?

Advantages of Having an Outdoor Dining Space

A Unique, New Experience for Customers

By offering your clientele the option of eating outside you give them the chance to enjoy a unique experience. Old customers will appreciate the change of scenery and find more reasons to frequent your restaurant. Newer customers will automatically be attracted to your fancy place.

Requires Less Work and Saves Money

If you are thinking of getting into the restaurant industry, you should consider setting up your diner in the outdoors. Simply put, you’ll save a lot on interior design. All you will need to invest in include furniture, lighting, and pergolas. You can also save a lot in rent and electricity costs.

If you already own a restaurant and are thinking of expanding, you can do so at a much lower cost if you utilize your outdoor curb space as well. You get more value from the same space!

Great Aesthetics

If you put a little thought into the design, your outdoor restaurant can look phenomenal. Install a pergola, splurge on outdoor lighting, and you have a place that says class.

In the mornings and afternoons, the daylight will beautify your restaurant naturally while providing much needed natural lighting for selfie-prone customers. During the nighttime, your lighting system will add a soft glow to your outdoor restaurant. 

What to Consider Before Adding a Pergola to Your Restaurant

If you’re thinking of enhancing your restaurant’s outdoor seating area, the first thing you should do is install a pergola. 

Before you begin, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Type of Pergola

Pergolas come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Think about which one most reflects your decorating style. Pergolas can be:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Diagonal
  • Rounded

Pergola Columns

The columns will add a grand effect to the setting. They can be of four types:

  • Sandwich
  • Acadian
  • Empire
  • Roman


Sure, the pergola will look elegant on its own. However, if you want to protect your valued customers from sunlight, rain and bird droppings, it’s a good idea to install an awning over the pergola. Make sure the style complements the pergola and enhances the overall aesthetic.

Additional Features

Add different features to the pergola and awning such as fans, speakers and hanging decorations. Other options to consider are wind, sun, and rain sensors which will keep you warned of possible disruptions to business.


Expand your restaurant space by adding a dining area outside. It will give your customers a new experience and save you electricity, heating and utility costs. Install a pergola outside and arrange the seating area in an aesthetically pleasing way to grow your restaurant clientele.