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5 Reasons Why Adding a Pergola in Your Vegas Home is a Great Investment

Residents of Las Vegas love to spend their time outdoors and socialize. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, people are hesitant about getting out of their homes or hanging out with friends in a closed building. A pergola can help you enjoy the outdoors as well as the company of friends.

Let’s take a look at why adding a pergola to your home is a great investment.

Pergolas Let You Enjoy the Summer Season

Now that the summer is at its peak, people who have pergolas at their homes can enjoy their time getting some much-needed Vitamin D. The sun in Vegas can be quite brutal so installing a shaded pergola allows you to take advantage of the sunny weather as well as avoid sunburn.

This means you can spend hours out in the open with your family and enjoy the sunny weather without any harmful effects.

Pergolas are Very Versatile

The great thing about pergolas is that they are very flexible and can be installed at any place and even integrated with your house. For example, you can easily layer a pergola on top of your deck. You can also choose to build pergolas that are attached directly to your house. Alternatively, you can install a free-standing pergola in your yard or garden area.

Pergolas can also be built in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. They can have retractable canopies or shades or just simple beams. Your imagination is the limit!

Pergolas Offer Extra Living Space

Pergolas are not just for basking in the sun. They can also be used as functional spaces. For example, you can use your pergola as a space to host a barbecue party. You can install a small kitchen in your pergola to hold garden parties. It can be used as a space to curl up and read a book. You can also set it up as a workout space and set a few gym equipments or yoga mats there.

Pergolas Allow You to Socialize

Pergolas provide a great place for your family and friends to socialize. Families can enjoy their dinners in pergolas during the night. They also allow you an alternative to outdoor socialization with your friends since they provide an open, yet private space for you to hang out.

This way you can invite a few close loved ones to your home and not worry about being in the midst of a crowd.

Pergolas Offer Great Landscaping Place for Your Plants

Pergolas can be a great place to place your plants. Since pergolas are made of long columns, they can be a perfect place to grow vines and creepers. You can also use the exposed beams of your pergola to hand potted plants like portulacas, petunias, and morning glories.

These plant decorations will look gorgeous, make your outdoor space smell lovely, and increase the curb appeal of your home as well.

Bottom Line

Pergolas are highly versatile structures that can be used for a number of activities. The great part is that they exponentially increase the beauty of your yard and garden while still being extremely functional. With a pergola, your friends and family have a great place to enjoy all year round.

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