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5 Interesting and Innovative Pergola Ideas

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A pergola is an excellent way of adding to your outdoor space. It looks beautiful, has room for additions, is easy to maintain, and is easier on the wallet. A pergola may be all those things, but there is a lot more than you can do to adorn your pergola if you choose to be a little creative. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will look at some innovative pergola ideas.

Let’s break it down.

Add a Glass Ceiling

The openness of a pergola is what makes it stand out. However, the downside of an open pergola is the leaves and debris which tend to fall over our heads. A great way to prevent such occurrences is to add a glass ceiling. With a glass ceiling, you get to maintain the look of your pergola without leaves, debris, and bird droppings. Whether you’re having breakfast or relaxing with friends, a glass pergola ceiling comes in handy. However, the installation should be carried out by a professional pergola installation company in Henderson, NV.

Get a Cedar Wood Pergola

Pergolas are built to make them sturdy, thus enabling them to last longer. However, some materials are better than others. Cedar is one of the most durable materials as far as pergolas are concerned. This material can stand the test of time, as it is resistant to mildew, and it can also withstand the effects of changing weather.

Add Curtains to the Pergola

Do you want to add a softer and more intimate look to your pergola? Not a problem. All you need to do is add some light-colored sheer curtains to the arbor. These curtains are lightweight and translucent, which gives a vibe to the pergola that is fanciful and warm. These curtains create a perfect atmosphere for you and your significant other to sit peacefully and talk while sipping onto some delicious wine.

Invest in a Back Patio Pergola

As the name suggests, this kind of pergola is located towards the backdoor. It serves as an extension to the living space. To enhance the look of this pergola, the patio underneath should be made from stenciled concrete. This form of concrete not only looks good, but it also withstands weather changes. It gets easier to have one on your property when working with a professional pergola installation company in Henderson, NV.

Paint the Pergola White

Sometimes you don’t like the look of your pergola, and that is perfectly fine. What you can do is paint your pergola white. It looks incredibly stylish and allows you more room to play around with your black and white combinations. You can have white furniture on the patio while keeping the rails all black. You can also add a chessboard in the middle to add to the look of your deck.

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