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5 Innovative Pergola Ideas

Pergolas can help extend your home’s living space, provide shelter to protect you from the rain and sun, and enhance your landscape’s beauty. Though pergolas have been around for many years, they have received renewed interest recently.

Due to their fantastic versatility, pergolas have now become a must for most homeowners in Las Vegas. From romantic getaways to unforgettable family dinners, there’s a lot that pergolas has to offer.

5 Innovative Pergola Ideas

Here are five innovative pergola ideas:

1. Keep Them around the Pool

Pergolas are a fantastic way to give your pool some shade. This shade will keep you comfortable without taking away all the sun. You can find various pergolas on the market, from large ones that can cover most of the pool to smaller ones that can serve as a lounging space.

Most homeowners opt for large pergolas and keep them around the pool to get shade while relaxing in the pool.

2. Install Lights

If you want to make your pergola look more appealing, install string lights or bulbs. Lit pergolas can transform your outdoor space and add tremendous value to your property. This will also come in handy while organizing family gatherings and other events.

The best part is this is a DIY and simple way to enhance your pergola, which allows you to enjoy chilly nights in your outdoor space. This is a straightforward, innovative, and affordable way to enhance your backyard’s curb appeal.

3. Create a Private Space

Another creative pergola idea you should consider adding to your list is to create a private seating area. This will give you a spot where you can enjoy your morning coffee, have a conversation with friends, or plan a romantic date.

You can also separate this space using plants and trees to ensure privacy. In addition to that, you can add comfortable chairs to make it a perfect space to relax and unwind. To add the finishing touch, you can keep a fireplace that will keep you warm even on the chilliest nights.

4. Make an Entrance

Placing an entrance for your pergola is an innovative way to separate your house from the garden. Having a small pergola next to the pathway will help prevent it from clashing with the rest of the space.

On top of that, this will add a decorative element to your landscape, making it more appealing.

5. Incorporate Plants

If you want to elevate your pergola and make it look more appealing, it’s best to cover it with plants. Pergolas provide an excellent setup to let creepers wrap around them or hang plants. You can transform your pergola into a private room by covering it with your favorite plants.

The Final Verdict

Over the years, pergolas have become increasingly popular, and today most homeowners in Las Vegas use them for various reasons. Installing a pergola is an excellent way of adding outstanding value to your landscape. Also, there are various creative ideas, such as creating a private space, installing lights, etc., you can try to enhance your pergola’s beauty. If you’re looking for top-notch pergola services, reach out to Vegas Pergola Company.