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4 Things to Consider Before You Build a Pergola in Your Yard

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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way of amplifying the outdoor space of your property, building a pergola is what you should consider. A pergola is the best way of utilizing the outdoor space of your yard to make it more functional, usable, and attractive. Among the many benefits, one of the most tempting reasons to build a pergola is increased property valuation.

Building a pergola is a highly technical job that only a professional is fit to do. However, taking the right factors into consideration before building a pergola will ensure that the final structure looks just like you imagined it’d be.

1.     Choose the Right Spot

You can build a pergola anywhere you like in your garden, front yard, or backyard. However, if you build a pergola at the right spot, it can serve the purpose much greater than just a shade-providing outdoor structure. Your pergola can be used as a fancy, outdoor dining lounge, a party venue, and even an outdoor kitchen. So, you have to choose the spot for your pergola carefully to enjoy the desired facilities to their fullest!

2.     Flooring Options

The material of the pergola floor matters a lot. If your home has a timber decking, you can conveniently have your pergola built over it. However, if there is no deck over which you can build a pergola, gravels or woodchips can be used to form the floor of your pergola. The floor of the pergola will play an important role in the aesthetics of the final structure, so this factor deserves some prior attention.

3.     Size of Pergola

Considering the size you want your pergola to be is very crucial. Building a pergola too large or too small can be a visual turn-off. It is important that you take into consideration the size of the available space. You can build a rectangular pergola if you have a fairly large space available or a square-shaped pergola for a small space. Building a rectangle pergola in a small-sized yard can make your yard look congested and unattractive.

4.     Material of Pergola

Once you have decided where you want to get your pergola built, you now have to select the material for building the pergola. Pergolas can be made using a number of materials, wood being the most popular. You can use wood for both the pergola posts and the roof. Wood is the most commonly used pergola material for all the right reasons. It looks beautiful, is resistant to insects, and is extremely durable. Other pergola material options include metal, brick, stone, and PVC, each material varying in durability, aesthetics, and cost.


Building a pergola is definitely one of the best home improvement projects that you can opt for. However, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration beforehand to ensure that the final structure is just like you’ve wanted it to be. Hiring the best pergola company will further ensure that all your requirements are smoothly transcribed into the final structure.