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4 Features that Make a Low-Maintenance Pergola

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When it comes to adding an outdoor structure, such as a pergola in your yard, most homeowners are concerned about the high maintenance needs of the additional space. But your pergola doesn’t always have to mean more maintenance. Instead, you can make your life easier by choosing low-maintenance pergolas that provide maximum protection from the weather, debris, and other harmful elements in your environment from a reliable pergola contractor, such as Vegas Pergola Company.

We offer the best, low-maintenance pergolas that help create a relaxing outdoor space while offering you protection against sunshine and rain.

Let’s look at some of the features that make a low-maintenance pergola.

#1. Choice of Material

You can find pergolas made from different materials ranging from metal to wood and vinyl, but vinyl is one of the materials that make a low-maintenance pergola. While most homeowners opt for wooden pergolas, you must know that certain types of wood are susceptible to rot and mold, which means they have a higher need for maintenance. But you can choose Newport solid roof as a low maintenance material for the pergola. Technically, it is a weatherproof material that seldom gets damaged due to harsh environmental conditions such as rain and sunshine. Moreover, you can also choose vinyl for your pergola’s construction as it is also a low-maintenance choice of material.

#2. Little or No Exposed Fasteners

Another feature that makes a low-maintenance pergola is little or no exposed fasteners which means that all fasteners are as hidden as possible. Hence, it ensures that you don’t have to worry about taking care of the metallic fasteners, which play an integral role in holding the pergola together.

#3. Can Go Without Paint or Staining

One of the most critical aspects of a low-maintenance pergola is that it can go without paint or staining. If you choose an ordinary wooden pergola, you will have to frequently paint or stain the surface of your pergola to maintain the health and appeal of your outdoor structure. If you do not repeat the process frequently, the wind, moisture, and sunshine can damage the paint, which will eventually chip off, and hence re-painting your pergola to protect its color will become a frequent chore for you.

You can avoid this hassle by choosing materials that can go without paint or staining, such as vinyl which is resistant to fading even after decades in the sun. Similarly, a pergola made from Alumawood can offer you the same benefits.

#4. Ease of Cleaning

Last on the list of features that make a low-maintenance pergola is the ease of cleaning. Wooden pergolas are susceptible to mold and mildew growth, making cleaning a hassle. By choosing a material that is easy to clean, you end up with a low-maintenance pergola that requires a simple spring cleaning.

With these four features in mind, choose a low-maintenance pergola for your yard and enjoy some relaxing time in your outdoor space. Connect today and learn more about pergola styles and material.